This is an actual house.

I'm sort of freaked out by the fur ceilings. But, this house is outragous. Via http://desiretoinspire.blogspot.com/.

The Man Who Reinvented Movie Titles

Saul Bass reinvented the movie title as an art form. By the end of his life, he had created over 50 title sequences for Preminger, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, John Frankenheimer and Martin Scorsese.
"Design is thinking made visual." – Saul Bass


The Most Beautiful Typewriter Ever

Valentine Portable Typewriter, c. 1969
"to me design...is a way of discussing life. It is a way of discussing society, politics, eroticism, food and even design." – Ettore Sottsass


Millie won't swing.

I tried to get her on our new swing, but she just won't have it. I spent 30 minutes on Saturday painting this black square. I'm totally inspired to do more graphics on my fence now.


Great Little Design Bible

Some Excerpts from "It's Not How Good You Are,
Its How Good You Want to Be, by Paul Arden":
~ Don't be afraid of silly idea's.
~ Don't put your own cleverness in front of the communication.
~ Don't give a speech, put on a show.
~ Doing a layout means having an idea.
~ Rough layouts sell the idea better then polished ones.
~ If you get stuck, draw with a different pen.
~ Those who fail in school are not interested in the facts;
or maybe the facts are not put to them in an interesting way.
~ When the client won't buy, do it his way, then do it your way.
~ Get out of advertising.
~ Do not try to win awards.
~ You don't have to be creative to be creative.


Juxtaposed Shelf w/ Religious Books

Brillant! The world's most influential religious texts are brought together and presented on the same level, their coexistence acknowledged and celebrated. Designed by Mike and Maaike.


Happy St. Patty's Day

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields...

Ireland, 2002


Mint Locations

Barbara's Barn Somewhere In Northern California
How beautiful it would be to throw a party here? http://www.mintlocations.com


Miss Mildred In My Office

She's all grown up!


Catherineholm Enamelware

I've been seeing alot of this vintage enamelware around lately. There is one scene in the movie Running With Scissors where they focus on a green Catherineholm teapot right before the mother blows her lid! You can also find a happy yellow bowl on the cover of Blueprint magazine this month. I wonder though... Does enamal rust? Many of the Cathrineholm designs were created by a woman named Grete Prytz Korsmo, wife of architect Arne Korsmo. Catherineholm was the name of the manafacturer in Norway.


Running With Scissors: Modern Set Design

I just rented the DVD Running With Scissors. The story was decent, but the styling and set design were so great. If you like modern vintage styling this is a must see.


LA Modernism Show

In Santa Monica. Don't miss it! http://lamodernism.com/


Modern Showerhead

Designed by Mattia Vittori/ Davide Bordin/ Nicola Gibertini. Available at www.MossOnline.com

Banquete Chair

Created especially for Moss by Fernando and Humberto Campana. Each chair is handmade and will vary from the one shown here. This chair would be perfect for a kid's room! www.mossonline.com

Handmade Leather Goods

It's all about handcrafted products and Henry Beguelin is a master. He meticlously details his leather goods and they become a work of art. His old-fashioned skills create styles that are new. He makes everything from shoes, bags, furnishings and more. He marks all of his work with a handmade little stick figure. www.henrybeguelin.it

Need an Agenda?

I love this agenda from APC. The typography is so clean and modern. I believe they used Bell Gothic. It's $90. That is only $22.50 considering it's for four years. www.apc.fr