Catherineholm Enamelware

I've been seeing alot of this vintage enamelware around lately. There is one scene in the movie Running With Scissors where they focus on a green Catherineholm teapot right before the mother blows her lid! You can also find a happy yellow bowl on the cover of Blueprint magazine this month. I wonder though... Does enamal rust? Many of the Cathrineholm designs were created by a woman named Grete Prytz Korsmo, wife of architect Arne Korsmo. Catherineholm was the name of the manafacturer in Norway.


Yukiko said...

Dear Ms. Jennifer,

Im writing this message ask you about catherineholm things. I live in London but cant find any places, where deal with those products. I want to get a lotus milkpan though. Could you let me know where I can possibly get it, if you know.

Sincerely yours,

good golly said...

I am in love with this enamelware. My daughter started buying it at the Thrift Stores in Martha's Vineyard. Now, I am hooked on it too!